IT Contracting Master Class

Is your IT career progressing as fast as it should?

The perfect opportunity only comes up once: are you ready for it?

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Video clip You will be getting expert advice on:

  • Writing a CV that will not go straight in the bin
  • The interview lines that turn 20% success rates into 60%
  • Negotiating for more money and benefits
  • The system that guarantees promotion

Don't let silly mistakes ruin your career

When I applied for my first part-time job, I turned up in a trousers, shoes, shirt and tie. No jacket, though.

I didn't get it. And the only feedback the hiring manager would give me is "you should have worn a suit". I didn't even know what he meant. I thought I was dressed up smart.

It felt stupid and unfair.

15 years later and I am earning six figures as an IT contractor (I'm serious - see my bank statements). How? I have refined my technique each and every year. I understand the value of IT professionals and how to negotiate for it. I was the hiring manager at Buzz Sports and know what employers look for.

Now I want to share this with you, so you get the fair chance you deserve.

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Avoid getting left behind by the next generation

The IT world moves fast. New blood floods into the market. How do you stay ahead of the youngsters? You make them call you "boss".

The IT Career Acceleration course provides you a framework for moving up the ladder.

We provide you with easy-to-implement steps. We have done the research so that you do not have to. Just follow the system.

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Video lessons

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Implementation plan

Never miss an important step by using our checklist system.

Who should take this course?

Take your CV, inteview and career skills from good to great: even the best athletes in the world have a coach to help them improve.

You should take this course if:

  • You work the IT industry (permanent or contractor)
  • You are hungry to progress up the career ladder
  • You worry about missing out on your dream job

You should skip this course if:

  • You work in a field not related to IT
  • You are happy with your existing job and do not want to earn more
  • You don't want to invest a few hours and £15 in your career

Do I really need this course?

You have other options.

You could learn the hard way. And miss a lot of opportunities.

You could do all the research yourself. Read all of the books, talk to all the hiring managers, ask your employer if you can sit in on some interviews. If your time is not valuable, this is a great option.

You could take a different course. But is it designed and built by someone with 10 years experience specifically in the IT industry?

Expert tutition

Chris Worfolk

Taught by me, Chris Worfolk. Here are some facts about me; some serious, some fun.

  • I have ten years experience in the IT industry
  • I have worked with small start-ups and major household names
  • I am a North England champion of public speaking
  • I live in Leeds with my wife and daughter
  • I play guitar and piano

Previous clients

I have worked with clients large and small, including many household names.

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Getting started pack

Get immediate free access to the first five lessons and the first workbook. Give it a go, risk free, no payment details required.

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